Sunday school
implemented since 2013
donors in 2017:
Minister of the Interior and Administration

Sunday School - Unzere Kinder is a educational program aimed for children from Jewish minority. We started the project in 2012 under the name "Unzere Kinder". Activities organized for children included artistic workshops about Jewish culture. Due to the great interest of children and parents, since June 2014 we added Judaism and Hebrew lessons to the program. Sunday School, in addition to educational purpose is aimed to encourage the kids and interest them in Jewish culture and religious traditions and practices. Activities are lead in a way to allow kids to be creative, learn to be patient and how to work together in a group.

We want the activities and workshops provided by us to be the best quality, so we choose carefully the experts that lead the lessons, making sure they are qualified educators.

We believe that this kind of activities will result in authentic engagement in creating future lively and united Jewish community in Krakow.

In 2010, the Jewish Association Czulent organized a project "A Majse"/ "Fairy tale-for the youngest", the aim of which was to introduce the children to their native culture and developing a sense of Jewish identity. Seeing how popular the book was, we decided to expand our activities aimed at children.

Our new project " Unzere Kinder / Our children " is a creative workshop aimed at children. Children of the members of the Jewish community in Krakow participate in the workshop. Classes are free of charge.

Our youngest participants in the workshop have the opportunity of learning how to be creative, patient and how to work in a group. They also learn about the culture, traditions and history of their nation and what exactly is culture, art and how to enjoy the benefits of these areas. And most importantly they are having fun together creating a small community. Classes are also conducted in areas important to the cultural life in Krakow, such as museums, galleries, theaters, etc.

Unzere Kinder is also a series of meetings in Kolanko no. 6 Cafe with fairy tales where known and respected representatives of culture, science and art read to the youngest. We intend to introduce the youngest through the literature, not only to Jewish culture, but also to the concept of tolerance and multiculturalism. The fairy tales we read are written by writers who are representatives of different nationalities and ethnic minorities. By our actions we want to follow the idea of a great teacher, thanks to whom we can speak today about something like the rights of the child; Janusz Korczak, who once wrote: "There is no child. There is a man. "

Project in 2017 is supported by:

Minister of the Interior and Administration