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Żydowskie Stowarzyszenie Czulent

The Association groups young professionals connected by their Jewish roots and a belief that Jewish identity is something precious that needs to be nurtured and strengthened. The Association’s members are active participants of the Polish and European Jewish community.

About us

from 2004 as a non-governmental national minority organization, we create a space for projects answering the contemporary challenges of a Jewish community. The Association creates a space for projects answering the contemporary challenges of Jewish community. Czulent is an independent organization based on pluralism, diversity, openness and tolerance.

Advocacy and watchdog activity

Political, social and legal advocacy, creation and implementation of innovative educational systems, coalitions for tolerance, creation of openness towards national, ethnic and religious minorities, especially against anti-Semitism and discrimination. Czulent works with Polish institutions, government agencies, dialogue groups in order to contribute to changes in the provisions of Polish law.

Strengthening the Jewish community

The Association aims to strengthen the Jewish identity of a local community by building coalitions, organizing educational and cultural programs. Czulent’s activities integrate people of different ages and from different organizations thus creating a strong sense of community. The Association promotes cultural projects that go beyond social patterns and stereotypes, combining Jewish cultural heritage and modern art, and influencing Jewish community’s creativeness and creativity.


on our blog web, we publishing actually information about our activities



Get to know the most important projects that we have completed over our several years of activity