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Meeting with the Representative of the Małopolska Province Governor for National and Ethnic Minorities

On 26 March, at the invitation of the Deputy Director of the Social Policy Department and the Plenipotentiary of the Małopolska Province Governor for national and ethnic minorities, we participated in a meeting devoted to the current situation of national and ethnic minorities in Małopolska.

During the meeting the following issues were raised:

  • the preservation and development of the identity, culture and language of minorities;
  • organization of education of national and ethnic minorities;
  • textbooks for general education, for national and ethnic minorities;
  • teachers’ professional development; targeted subsidies to support activities aimed at protecting, preserving and developing the cultural identity of minorities;
  • cooperation with institutions.

At the meeting, we presented our recommendations based on the research we carried out as part of the project Good Practices / Actions for National and Ethnic Minorities and Foreigners.