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Nasza historia

When we met for the first time, not all of us knew what it meant to be a Jew for each of us, we were still searching for our definition of identity. Today Czulent, thanks to our members and their activities, became the important community, which is a part of the Jewish community in Poland.


In 2004 group of Jewish students initiated the establishment of Jewish Association Czulent. It was officially registered in February 2005. At first, our actions were focused mainly on integration in order to develop our identity, broadening the knowledge about Jewish traditions, history and culture.


Further development of our projects led us to creation of the following cultural initiatives in 2006 : Jewish Library REMU, Literary Salon and Film Discussion Club. Some of us started projects focused on anti-discrimination, through organizing workshops for polish students („Meeting in Polin”). Atier seeing the tourists’ big interest in the Jewish community, we launched a project named Mifgashim be Polin. As part of this initiative, we conducted workshops, lectures and movie screenings, showing the present life of the Jewish community in Poland.


In 2008 Association joined the Kolicja na Rzecz Równych Szans (Coalition for Equal Chances). It is an informal platform, bringing together the most important Polish NGO’s, which work for human rights and promoting equality and non-discrimination. The same year, we joined in Religions for Peace, European Interfaith Youth Network, starting our activities in the field of interfaith dialogue.

Our rich experience in informal education enabled us to conduct the actions dedicated to trainers in the field of anti-discrimination. We launched projects: „Polki, Żydówki – krakowskie emancypantki. Historia i współczesność dla równości i różnorodności” (Polish women, Jewesses – emancipates of Krakow. History and present for equality and variety”) and „Krakowski Szlak Kobiet” (Krakowian Women’s Trail), about modern problems concerning equality and variety.


Five years later our first meeting, Association became an important place for the al community. Meeting its needs, we started activities dedicated to the youngest.

In 2010 we published „A Majse” with children’s poems which were given free of charge to Jewish kids in different places in the whole of Poland. Since that moment Czulent is not the only promoting the Jewish culture, but also creating it. Till this day, Association published three books dedicated for children, which gained various prizes both in Poland and abroad.

Meeting the local needs, we created the Sunday school in Krakow. School is financed from the means of Żydowska Gmina Wyznaniowa w Krakowie. (The Jewish Community of Krakow). Kids have lessons of Judaism, Hebrew and artistic workshops. In 2014 Sunday school officially became part of formal education and gained the status of a catechetical point.


In 2014 we started important anti-discrimination project „Antysemityzm nie jest poglądem” (Antisemitism is not an opinion). In this initiative, we started innovative actions which will increase the social awareness about fighting, recognizing and learning about the modern forms of antisemitism in Poland. The project has the patronage of Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich (Human Rights Defender) and Pełnomocnika Rządu do Spraw Równego Traktowania (Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment).


In 2017/2018 we published a report on the cooperation of public administration with organizations of national and ethnic minorities, presenting good practices, based on public administration research and minority organizations in the 18 largest Polish cities. The project was funded by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor – US Department of State.

Currently, we work with government agencies in Poland, acting in the coalitions of civil society organizations (CSOs) to create an open society, we contribute to changes in the mentality and provisions of Polish law for tolerance.