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Jewish Association Czulent is a group of young professionals connected by their Jewish roots and a belief that Jewish identity is something precious.

Political, social and legal advocacy, creation and implementation of innovative educational systems, coalitions for tolerance, a creation of openness towards national, ethnic and religious minorities, especially against anti-Semitism and discrimination.

The Association aims to strengthen the Jewish identity of a local community by building coalitions, organizing educational and cultural programs.


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Let’s work together to promote inclusion and respect

Last Friday we attended Google.org Impact Challenge on Safety at Google for Startups Campus. We had the opportunity to discuss with experts on extremism, hate, and child safety, from ISD

Propaganda and Digital Campaigning in the EU Elections

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) has uncovered a range of digital influence campaigns targeting the European Parliamentary elections through a mix of social media mapping, undercover online reporting and

Happy Pesach 5779

Dear friends, We wish you a happy and kosher Passover! Chag Pesach Sameach! לשנה הבאה בירושלים Anna, Anna & Alex Board of the Jewish Association Czulent

Nationwide Conference of Jewish Organizations: “Contemporary challenges facing the Jewish community in Poland”

The Jewish Czulent Association in partnership with the American Jewish Committee Central Europe, the Jewish Community in Łódź, the Jewish Community in Warsaw and the Jewish Community in Wrocław organized

Meeting with the Representative of the Małopolska Province Governor for National and Ethnic Minorities

On 26 March, at the invitation of the Deputy Director of the Social Policy Department and the Plenipotentiary of the Małopolska Province Governor for national and ethnic minorities, we participated

Meeting of the Coalition for Equal Opportunities and Lawyers Pro Bono

On March 1, we participated in a meeting of non-governmental organizations associated in the Coalition for Equal Opportunities with lawyers and lawyers working with the Polish Society for Antidiscrimination Law


Bank account:

Volkswagen Bank Polska S.A.
37 2130 0004 2001 0327 9601 0001 (PLN)

+48 12 200 21 24


Correspondenc address:

ul. Św. Sebastiana 36/1
31-051 Kraków

Registration address:

ul. Dietla 64/6
31-039 Kraków

The Remuh Jewish Library

ul. Św. Sebastiana 36/1
31-051 Kraków